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Enchanted scenes started out with my adventure into the world of fairy gardens combines with my love of all things miniature. Once I started making little worlds for the fairies in my garden I made fairy gardens for my mother-in-law, both daughters and other people in my life.

I loved creating make-believe scenarios and decided to make more...my first miniature stand alone piece was inspired by a beautiful teacup I found and a little fairy stroking a raccoon. From there it just grew and grew with the resulting pieces. To see these and more of my creations join me at the Holiday Market hosted by Crafty Affairs on December 16th 2017 at the Croation Cultural Centre in Vancouver.

And visit Etsy Canada store enchantedscenes

Fairy gardens

Fairy gardens...where it all started...I enjoy making tiered fairy gardens, beach fairy gardens and random fairy settings throughout our backyard. As these can weigh quite a bit I will usually sell you the pieces and let you put the earth, sand or other medium in as you're building it.

Fairy miniatures​

Fairies...fairies, elves and gnomes all are given homes in anything ranging from teacups, bark, trees and wood rounds with live edges. They are all complete scenes and just waiting for you to give them a new home, your joy and attention.

Christmas miniatures

And then there was Christmas...one of my favourite times of the year! Not just because I get to unwrap and build my three miniature Christmas villages (oh, who am I kidding, that plays a huge part in my enjoyment of the season!)  but because I can combine two of my favourite things and my line of Christmas miniatures was born.  I hope you enjoy adding them to your decorations as much as I did making them!

Join the world of miniatures and experience the delight of all things tiny!

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